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BACKGROUND  Mr. Wells began his legal career in June of 1974 as a law clerk for the Muskegon law firm of Marcus, Halbower, Ruck and Flynn. After graduating from law school, he became an associate with that law firm and four years later a partner. As time went on, the law firm David was associated with went through two small mergers. In 1995, he was the managing partner of his law firm and made a decision to engage in a different type of law practice. David and the senior partner of the law firm left the law firm and opened up a small practice in the city of Whitehall. In 2014 he moved his office to Twin Lake, Michigan.

Mr. Wells has practiced in the areas of: healthcare, worker's compensation,  product liability,  automobile negligence, divorce, wills, employment law, professional malpractice, defamation, Social Security, Disability, health and liability insurance, litigation (plaintiff & defense), labor & employment (municipal & small business) and arbitration and mediation in the areas of commerce, business/corporate, employment, healthcare, insurance, labor, probate/estates and domestic relations.

CURRENTLY, as a general practitioner in a small community, David's law practice is primarily focused on clients and legal matters in estate planning, probate administration, employment law, business law, commercial litigation, real estate transactions and litigation, family and divorce law and alternative dispute resolution.

HEALTH CARE  Mr. Wells offers considerable experience in the field of health care law. He is a current legal advisor for physicians and physician practice groups. Previously he was the primary legal counsel for a health care system and has 15 years of hospital board activity. 

- His experience in health care includes: health provider financing, medical staff credentialing, medical staff and hospital bylaws, contracts, employment issues, physician recruitment, stark and Medicaid fraud, privacy and confidentiality, HIPAA, hospital and medical school accreditation, certificates of need and managed care. For several years he taught medical/legal issues to physicians in residency training. 

- Mr. Wells was the Executive Director for 10 years of a multi-million dollars osteopathic foundation and oversaw all management, administrative, investment, financial and board matters. 

- He was President of the National Association of Osteopathic Foundations from 2004 - 2006, a member of the American Osteopathic Association Bureau of Osteopathic Clinical Education and Research from 2003 - 2006 and a member of the American Osteopathic Association's Council on Research from 2003 - 2004. This Commission is approved by the United States Department of Education to oversee and accredit all osteopathic medical schools in the nation. Mr. Wells is one of only three non-physicians on this national Commission.

- David does site evaluations for the administration and finance operations of Osteopathic medical schools and has been a Commissioner on the Commission for Osteopathic College Accreditation since 2007.

LABOR AND EMPLOYMENT Mr. Wells has considerable experience with labor and employment issues and frequently advises and represents individuals and businesses regarding various matters including, but not limited to discipline and discharge, discrimination, harassment, employment policies, unemployment, grievances, compensation, non-compete/disclosure agreements, fringe benefits, pensions, health insurance and recruitment/hiring. Mr. Wells is a labor and employment arbitrator for the American Arbitration Association.

BUSINESS LAW  Mr. Wells has many small business clients. He routinely helps clients start new limited liability companies, corporations and partnerships. He advises small business owners regarding their day to day legal issues, corporate procedures, corporate records, contracts, employment issues and financial issues. He provides legal services to those who have businesses they wish to purchase or sell. David also advises people who have employment issues.

COMMERCIAL LITIGATION  Mr. Wells has considerable trial experience and has represented clients with many types of litigation including insurance, contracts, employment, real estate, health care and sales.

PROBATE ADMINISTRATION  Mr. Wells represents people having legal concerns involving probate estates and estates that are being sued, creditors of estates and individuals with various issues involving probate estates. He is frequently hired by heirs of estates to file and probate wills or to open probate estates for individuals who have died without wills. Complicated probate estate matters are one of David's strengths. Frequently he is hired by attorneys and others or appointed by Courts to administer complicated estates where the original Personal Representatives/Executors/Administrators have not done a good job or were overwhelmed due to the difficulty of the issues. He is also hired to administer estates where the heirs have serious disputes between them.

ESTATE PLANNING  Mr. Wells has been writing wills and trusts since he first started legal practice in 1976. He obtained additional concentrated training in estate planning and probate administration through the Institute of Continuing Legal Education's probate and estate planning certificate program. David specializes in the issues of blended families, family businesses, handicapped and disabled dependents, spendthrift trusts, living trusts, guardians of minors and guardianships for persons mentally and physically incompetent.

REAL ESTATE  Mr. Wells assists and provides legal services to: contractors, real estate developers, construction customers, buyers and sellers of real estate, people with zoning problems, landlords and parties needing representation in real estate litigation.

FAMILY LAW AND DIVORCE  Mr. Wells has been advising and representing people with divorce and family law issues since first beginning his practice of law in 1976. Mr. Wells limits his family law practice and believes that this allows him the ability to provide more personalized service and focused attention to the problems and issues of his family law clients than they might receive from attorneys with large family law practices.

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