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   "Nearly all the cases I mediate settle.  Often times this      is to the  great surprise of the litigants and their 

• David has more than 37 years experience in law and dispute resolution. He has been licensed to practice law in the State of Michigan since 1976.

• He has been a neutral civil case evaluator for Circuit Courts in Michigan since 1983.

• Completed mediation training required by the Michigan Supreme Court Administrator’s office in 2001 and serves as a mediator for numerous Courts throughout the State of Michigan.

•Many of the cases Mr. Wells mediates are complex, involve very significant financial and interpersonal issues and have multiple parties.

• Mr. Wells has served as a mediator in cases involving a large variety of medical/legal issues, insurance contracts, management/employee issues, employment contracts, non- disclosure/compete contracts, business to business commercial contracts, personal injury, construction contracts, partnerships, internal corporate disputes, probate estates, domestic relations, commercial landlord/tenant, banking/finance, non-profit agencies, real estate, residential and commercial construction, condominium disputes and shareholder derivative actions.

• Mr. Wells’ mediation style depends on the issues in dispute and the parties involved. He is trained and has experience with facilitative, transformative and evaluative mediation. He remains flexible in his approach and utilizes the methods which produce the best results under specific circumstances.

• Certified by the International Mediation Institute, The Hague, Netherlands.

FEE RATE: $250 per hour for two-party mediation and $100 per hour for each party if there are more than two parties. Hourly rate includes study time (document review and preparation). Minimum daily mediation compensation is $1,250. No cancellation fees. No additional charge for travel time within Michigan. Mileage at IRSrate. Fees and expenses for travel outside the lower peninsula of Michigan are negotiable.

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HEALTH CARE  David has been a healthcare attorney for 25 years. He currently advises physicians and physician practice groups and previously was legal counsel for a health care system. He has many years of hospital board activity and at one time worked as a Respiratory Therapist. David has experience in the areas of medical staff credentialing, medical staff and hospital bylaws, contracts, employment issues, insurance, billing, professional negligence, premises liability, discrimination, harassment, recruitment , Stark and Medicaid fraud, privacy and confidentiality, HIPAA, hospital accreditation, accreditation, certificates of need, peer review, practice standards, pre-doctoral and post-doctoral medical education, research and managed care. Mr. Wells is currently a Commissioner for the Commission for Osteopathic College Accreditation and is a medical school inspector/examiner. He is associated with numerous medical foundations.

PERSONAL INJURY AND NEGLIGENCE Experience with litigating hundreds of personal injury and negligence cases for both Plaintiffs and Defendants.

BUSINESS  Mr. Wells has provided legal services to small businesses his entire career. He has established numerous corporations, limited liability companies and partnerships. He has experience with labor and employment issues, commercial transactions, real estate transactions and issues, buying and selling businesses, complex transactions, contracts, retail and wholesale distribution, non-compete/disclosure agreements, shareholder agreements and disputes, joint ventures, strategic relationships and financing.

EMPLOYMENT AND LABOR  Extensive experience representing both employers and unions including collective bargaining, arbitrations, unfair labor practice charges, union member clarification and accretion issues. Litigation experience involving a broad scope of employment-related issues including health insurance, pensions, discrimination, harassment, wrongful discharge, Whistle Blowers' Act, Bullard-Plawecki Right-To-Know Act, MESC benefits, wage/ hour/benefits issues, ADA and the Family and Medical Leave Act. Labor arbitrator since 1997. Fair Employment Practices Investigator for the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians since 2009.

MUNICIPAL Township attorney 2006-2008; City attorney from 2004-2008; Assistant City attorney from 1997-2004; Assistant County corporate attorney for several years. As a municipal attorney Mr. Wells’ work involved issues related to: public meetings, Freedom of Information requests, law enforcement /fire/emergency services, contracts, public construction projects, employment law, unionized labor, real estate, zoning and land use, utility/telecommunication franchises, personal property and real estate taxes and assessments, purchasing, commercial and residential waste, water and sewer construction, cemeteries, advertising, environmental issues and ordinance creation and enforcement.

REAL ESTATE AND CONSTRUCTION Experience with contracts and litigation regarding both large public construction contracts and residential construction.

PROBATE AND ESTATES Experienced estate planner including drafting wills, trusts, powers of attorney, medical advocate documents and matters involving estates for deceased individuals, minors, the mentally disabled, physically incapacitated and developmentally disabled. Experience managing complex estates. Frequently appointed by Probate Courts to manage complex estates when original personal representatives have failed. ICLE Probate and Estate Planning Program Certificate of Completion 2005.

Commission on Osteopathic College Accreditation and the Professional Association of Diving Instructors.

MEDIATION CERTIFICATIONS David is certified by the International Mediation Institute. He has completed the training required by the Michigan State Court Administrator’s Office for conducting mediations in Michigan Courts and is on the approved mediator list for numerous Circuit, Probate and District Courts throughout Michigan.

PUBLICATIONS Author of “Healthcare in Mediation” published by the American Osteopathic Hospital Association in 2001.

David is uniquely capable in conflict management and resolution. He will bring professionalism, confidentiality, calm and balance to the mediation of your dispute.

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